Mac Pro 1.1 Double 2.8 Dual Core (4 cores total) Desktop Tower 9GB Ram


Mac Pro 1.1 Desktop Tower 
Good Condition – Tested and Working – Small cosmetic imperfections. Was previously used as a Web Server Tower for a number of years.
1 – Dual Xeon 2.8 ghz Dual Core (4 cores total) 
2 – 9GB Ram Fully Buffered ECC ram – Ram expandable to 16GB (8 slots total)
3 – 2x PCI 256mg GeForce PCI GPUs included (512mb total)
(PCI load balancing option natively available using multiple video cards)
Total 4 PCI slots available
4 – 1x 500GB HDD (4 HDD drive bays total)
5 – 16x Superdrive DVDRW
6 – Onboard Ethernet (LAN)
Please note:
Onboard Ethernet (LAN connection) will work straight away without any installation required. This model does not include onboard bluetooth or Wifi.
This is assembled with 9GB of Ram as stock, and will provide an OSX Lion install USB and DVD, however, I would recommend installing new RAM when possible. Upgrades to these towers are very easy, one of the advantages of this model of Mac Pro. The main drawback is that while the hardware is 64 bit, Apple did limit these to 32 bit when they were released. 
This tower would be recommended for a student, who only needs the computer for web browsing and word processing. For this reason, this Mac Pro 1.1 is cosmetically the better looking low-cost Mac Pro tower I have for sale, but not necessarily the highest spec.
If cosmetics are really not a concern, and the power of the computer is more important, I also have another Mac Pro 2.1 for sale, which is a Dual Xeon 3.0 Ghz Quad Core (8 cores total) with 11GB ram, expandible to 32GB. It also has onboard wifi and bluetooth, and a 750GB HDD. This one however, has a tower that was squashed slightly by a moving company.
If you’re interested in both, a better price can be negotiated for both.

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