About Us

About us

When you have a great story about how your product or service was built to change lives, share it.

Good stories humanize your brand, providing context and meaning to your product.

1onlycoin.com is not just a company. Instead 1onlycoin showcases the people behind the company and humanizes its brand.

Our Vision


At 1onlycoin, we believe there is a better way to do buying and selling. A more cost effective,

for byuers and sellers where customers are earned rather than bought. We’re obsessively about it, and our vision is to help people to achieve it.

We focus to make a marketplace who byer can buy in the lower price and seller can sell to the full price without discount and offer. That’s inspire us.



History of Beginning


In Semptember 2019, Company boss want to sell a car but there is not enough interest and someone interested don’t want to buy at full price.

This is the moment who ” Think Different “. Create a Team and start working.

Its time to introduce 1onlycoin.com a Marketplace plattform who ” Think Different ” .

Thomas Snow CEO/Founder

Anna Baranov Client Care

Andre Kowalsy Support Boss

Pamela Doe Computer Programmer

Susan McCain Graphic Designer